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$2 Million Marketing Strategy [Case Study w/ RJ Bates]

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RJ Bates Case Study – $2 Million Story and Marketing Strategy

Some people are wholesalers…

Some people are rehabbers…

Some people are rental owners…

RJ is whatever his clients need him to be.

With every lead, he asks the question…

“How can we make money from this lead?”

His current goal?

To make $100,000 per month in passive income. If that’s not ambitious, then I don’t know what is. But it’s exactly that kind of goal that keeps RJ motivated.

Listen here:

New Website Design! [MEET HEMLOCK]

Brand New, Distinct, Carrot Website Design [Hemlock]We're officially introducing a new design for those of you who crave a distinguished, modern (and yes, still high-converting) website.This website design isn't just beautiful, it converts with the same principles as all of our other Carrot site designs – better than any other website platform in the industry.Curious [...]

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Is direct mail is dead?

Talking to you about direct mail today. A lot of people think that direct mail is dead, but I’m telling you, it’s not. It works.In this episode, I’m sharing 5 Do’s, including skip tracing.Some of the Don’ts are about being different from your competition and answering your dang phone.Direct mail does work.Listen and learn…

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Perfecting a Creative Real Estate Strategy to Beat the Current Market Environment w/ Joe McCall

We’ve seen Carrot customers go out of business, because they haven’t shifted it off of their strategy.So are you molding your business around your solution and not changing your solution? Are you molding your business around solving the problem your clients find?One of the ways that you can do that is with wholesaling and lease [...]

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Do you doodle?

The other day we sent you a sneak peak... We knew we couldn't really fool you. It isn't a new mascot! Clearly you've seen our superman guy for years.What is it? Let me explain by sharing a short video with you. I think you'll be super impressed. We are!One thing [...]

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What is an Elixir?

- It is a magical or medicinal potion. Why do we have a product called an Elixir you ask? - Well, we know you didn't ask it - But, please allow us to spend a minute to explain to you the method behind our madness... There is no Elixir! - Thats the truth. There is no magical [...]

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Flipping Your Risk Profile + My Crazy Week…

What a crazy week! One of the worst but best. A fever, some poison oak, and a root canal forced me to take another look at my process and how I can serve the Carrot team better.Recently I’ve found myself wrapped up in agendas and failing to draw the line to what I can “throw [...]

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Tyler Almost Quit Real Estate After 20 Years – That is, Until He Made these 8 Changes

Tyler was nervous about making the switch. But he was also burnt out from doing things the way he’d always done them.Far from being a rookie, Tyler Ford, a 20-year real estate investor and agent, speaks with a simultaneous confidence and humility reserved for those who’ve been in the business long enough to be intimately [...]

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Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business and Many More Vulnerable Discussions w/ Adrian Nez

My good, good friend and Carrot team member, Adrian Nez, spurred on this episode of the CarrotCast. We were on a team call about a week or two ago as of the time we recorded this, and he said, “You know what, Trevor, I’ve got a podcast idea that I really want to pitch you and I [...]

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Why You Need to Escape the Daily Grind Before You Regret Being an Entrepreneur

There has been a lot of social media presence around grinding it out – working 4 am to 8 pm. Sometimes it's called the "hustle," other times it's called the "grind."Either way, it's not as beneficial to your business as you might think.If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re grinding all of the time, you’re going [...]

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