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8 Keys To Success

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Why am I successful?

It's a question that I ask myself. And a question that other people ask me.

But I've never taken the time to figure out why. I've never sat down and tried to articulate what I can attribute my success to.

Until just recently.

In this CarrotCast, I'm going to share what I learned.

In particular, I learned 8 actionable things that contributed to my success.

If you want to know what they are, check out the podcast.

These 8 things made the difference in my life... they might just make the difference in yours too.


Why Better Writing Lands More Leads...

Want to improve your website?Whether you're a Carrot member or not, our most recent blog post, by a friend of mine who is a copywriter, Paul Docampo, will show you the importance of words on a page.It's easy to assume that all writing is created equal, but it's not.And good copywriting on your website often [...]

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here's an EXAMPLE deal we closed and made $49,744.00

I'm going to share with you a recent deal closed and made $49,744.00 .The property address is:7325 W Georgia Ave, Glendale Az 85303The lead came from the "special distressed mailing list" shared with you in the training I did a couple days ago.We signed a contract with the seller for $38,000 and put $10 of [...]

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wanna quit your job flipping houses?

Hey there,Welcome to "my world".Most mornings I wake up, make my 2 beautiful girls a hearty breakfast and take them to school, after that it's off to the country club for an intense workout. As for the rest of the day, the choice is mine...golf, real estate, hanging out by the pool or recording a [...]

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Don't lift a finger - we'll do it for you

concierge / känˈsyerZH /Although the word "Concierge" is generally used by the hotel industry we've borrowed it for our GoBig Help Center.It best represents what we are emphatically trying to do for you. It aligns with our5 Star commitmentto helping you. As we see it, you're spending a lot of money with us. [...]

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[Podcast] She Was Dead For 90 Minutes...

Sometimes, we take life for granted.And when we do, we unintentionally miss out on pursuing the freedom we dream of. We get comfortable with where we are and forget to live bigger, better, and more passionately.Sometimes, we need a reminder.Cherie Aimee, an amazing entrepreneur, died for 90 minutes and it totally changed her outlook on [...]

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Weekly Harvest: A Special Announcement

This week on our blog. Real Estate Conversion Copywriting: How To Sell The “Click” With Your Meta Description And SEO TitleDon’t get me wrong. SEO is critical for any website’s traffic generation. But we’ve all Googled a topic, clicked a result, been disappointed by low-quality answers, and clicked off before you can say “SEO.”In other words, [...]

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[Case Study] From Teacher To 80k/Month Wholesaling

In 3 months, Brian Rockwell went from a Junior-High teacher and baseball coach to making 80k/month wholesaling in a competitive market.No. I'm not joking.For 12 years, he kept his day job, dreaming of what it might be like to invest in Real Estate.And then, he was done waiting.Learn His Exact Marketing Plan On Our Most [...]

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[Success Study] 64K automated follow up deal...

Hi , we recently interviewed InvestorFuse member Nick Perry, who is pulling six-figure months down in Austin, TX, and who recently closed a $64,000 wholesale deal from one of our automated followup sequences. Nick shares his success strategies for hiring a team, marketing in a competitive market, and how he's using InvestorFuse to schedule 1-2extra [...]

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How To Turn One Client Into Ten Clients

A week ago, I received a call from an unknown number.I clicked answer. The person on the other end was a salesman who I'd bought a car from 6 months ago.He introduced himself, asked how I was doing, and ended the call with, "And of course, if I can ever help you or anyone else [...]

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