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Why Marriage Shouldn’t Be Run Like a Business and Many More Vulnerable Discussions w/ Adrian Nez

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My good, good friend and Carrot team member, Adrian Nez, spurred on this episode of the CarrotCast. We were on a team call about a week or two ago as of the time we recorded this, and he said, “You know what, Trevor, I’ve got a podcast idea that I really want to pitch you and I think it’s important.”

We hopped on a call, and within 15 seconds, I’m telling him, “Dude, we are doing that because that’s so important.”

Listen here:

Why You Need to Escape the Daily Grind Before You Regret Being an Entrepreneur

There has been a lot of social media presence around grinding it out – working 4 am to 8 pm. Sometimes it's called the "hustle," other times it's called the "grind."Either way, it's not as beneficial to your business as you might think.If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re grinding all of the time, you’re going [...]

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Do You Struggle With True Happiness? A Simple Hack To Go STRAIGHT To Increased Happiness

All the hard work, all the time, and energy that goes into making money and achievement can leave you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.This is something a lot of high-achieving entrepreneurs struggle with. They struggle with being content. And probably struggle with happiness on a daily basis.Many of us fall into the “if / then” complex [...]

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Forgot To Have Fun? Lost Touch With Your Passions? This 7 Minutes Can Change It All For You

We just wrapped up CarrotCamp Spring 2018 and I'm still amped up. It was a few spectacular days and I really want to, again, thank those who took the time to join us!On this CarrotCast, I want to discuss a breakthrough that three of us at camp had during a lunch about passion and fun.If [...]

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The Carrot Team Just Read "Radical Candor" – Here's What We Learned

How can a business like Carrot (or your own) create an environment with enough trust and humility to allow hard conversations to happen? It's exactly that question that Kim Scott set out to answer when writing Radical Candor. And while we haven't totally figured it out, here are three things we learned that might benefit your own [...]

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How Successful Entrepreneurs Interact with Others to Draw Out Their Aspirations

Entrepreneurs are naturally guilty of driving the people they depend on too hard and too far. Recently, though, I had the chance to talk with some leaders who do it differently.In this CarrotCast, learn how these leaders talk with people to inspire and motivate rather than push thoughts upon them. It's actually changed my mindset [...]

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[FREE Training] After 10,000 Facebook leads...

Hey!Let me ask you a question: How profitable would your Facebook Ad strategy be if you could spend$1 millionon real estate Facebook Ads, generate10,000+real estate leads, and — in the process — learn what makes the difference between a lead-generating advertisement and an unsuccessful flop?Probably A-LOT.Okay. Let me ask you another question: what if there [...]

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Our 100th CarrotCast Episode!

CarrotCast EP 100! Recapping Some of the Most Invaluable Episodes to Make A Bigger Impact In Your Life And BusinessThis is our 100th CarrotCast!In the beginning, I didn’t even want to start a podcast. I thought it would be too difficult and daunting trying to provide consistently valuable content to my audience. I thought it [...]

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How to build consistent backlinks without guest blogging

How to Use HARO to Build Consistent BacklinksBuilding high-quality backlinks to your site is critical to your SEO success. What if I told you that there was a way to build links from some of the internet’s highest domain authority sites without having to write long articles, build a vast network of industry influencers, or [...]

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GoBig just made it even easier thru automation

We have been working hard over here at GoBig Printing... In a questionnaire we sent out a while ago, many of you suggested that you'd like for us to split your mail. Well, we appreciate the feedback and listened closely!With that said, let me introduce to you our newest Feature!Split & Mail!- Yep, thats right, [...]

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