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5 real estate market predictions for 2018...

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5 Real Estate Market Predictions for 2018 (And What They Mean For The Agent And Investor)

Constantly fluctuating inventory and interest rates or technological advancements (like drones and 3D house walkthroughs) have changed the real estate climate in lots of different ways over the past decade.

Here are 5 things we think are going to happen in the real estate market in 2018.

[Case Study] How Luke Flipped 50+ Pieces Of Bare Land This Year

Hey,I loved filming this case study video with a local Carrot customer.Luke Harris gets the award for the only Carrot customer to actually signup at Carrot HQ in Roseburg Oregon.Not only that but he is doing something unique with his Carrot sites. He is generating land buying and selling leads.In this case study, Luke explains...Why [...]

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"Here are the gross numbers"... Brian texted me...

Earlier today I mentioned our clients are about to hit a big milestone.1 million online opt in leads in 3 years.Mostly motivated house sellers, but buyers, tenants, and some other leads too. Not including phone call leads. That would likely take the total to 1.5-2 million leads in 3 years through our system.And as I'm [...]

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[CarrotCast] - Breaking Your Lazy Pattern... How I Use Intentional Chaos to Focus

Break the machine to regain.What does that mean?We’re all guilty of getting caught in the day-to-day tasks.Becoming complacent and stagnant. How do you get out of that routine? How do you regain focus?By pulling away and causing chaos. Pull away and cause chaos so you can work on that one thing that you know is [...]

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40+ Units and 10+ Flips Per Year in Pennsylvania w/ April Crossley

April Crossley has been with Carrot from the beginning.In this CarrotCast episode, April shares how she has grown her business and made the leap into real estate full-time after leaving a high paying medical career.She also reveals how she's built up her portfolio of rental properties to dozens of properties now.Also, find out what her [...]

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[CarrotCast] - Breaking Down the Barriers to Achieving Your Goals w/ Trevor Mauch

You have goals for your life and business, yet it can sometimes feel impossible to achieve them.You might know WHAT you need to do and maybe even HOW to do it, but it takes shifting your focus to eliminating what stands in your way.Is it time, money, discomfort, laziness?Whatever it is, you have the opportunity [...]

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[CarrotCast] - CarrotCamp Recap + Big Takeaways

This CarrotCast is a little different (but in a good way).Last week we wrapped up our first CarrotCamp and had a ton of fun strategizing and connecting with our Carrot Campers.The wine tasting and mountain biking was also a ton of fun.At the end of the last session, we invited all the campers to hop [...]

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How To Get Rich (But Not Quick)

Most people want to get rich quick.They want to create one thing that takes little time and sell it like crazy.Or, in the real estate world, they want to immediately start doing 15 to 20 deals every month without any upfront work.But the reality about financial freedom is that it takes time.There are some lucky [...]

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I want a Smart Template™

I Want It My Way! Did you know that you can have your very own Smart Template™ There are about 175,000 active users on our site. Everyone seemingly has the next "Big Idea." Almost daily we get requests to add new templates to the site. Although many of them are great ideas, they just may [...]

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The Basics Of SEO

Organic traffic is the powerful source of lead generation.This is because people who arrive at your website organically were actively looking for you.And then, when they become a lead, they're a high-quality lead.But to pull in more passive organic traffic, you need to know a thing or two about SEO.Which is why, in our most [...]

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