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Get past the Gatekeeper

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How do you separate yourself from the clutter when a potential home seller sees all their mail on the table? How do you get past the Gate-Keeper?

The fact is... we are all built with the same instincts. USE THEM! What do you open vs. toss? Having been in this business a long time we've learned a lot about people. Mostly that people react the same.

Our money is on the table that when your mail looks authentic and non-spammy, it will get opened.

Everyone talks about the "Yellow Letter" - But, is it really the fact that it's a "Yellow Letter?" Or, is it that it was disguised in an envelope that looked like a family or friend sent it, and not spam?

Try building relationships with your customers. Your mail will get opened!

*Note: These envelopes speak for themselves. They are exceptionally authentic. AND, by authentic, we mean "Looks like you made them by hand, and mailed them one at a time"

We have found that being authentic, real, and approachable is the best way to build a relationship.

Happy Hunting!
Andy Detwiler

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