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[Case Study] How Luke Flipped 50+ Pieces Of Bare Land This Year

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I loved filming this case study video with a local Carrot customer.

Luke Harris gets the award for the only Carrot customer to actually signup at Carrot HQ in Roseburg Oregon.

Not only that but he is doing something unique with his Carrot sites. He is generating land buying and selling leads.

In this case study, Luke explains...

  1. Why he was a little reluctant to sign up with Carrot.
  2. The results he was getting with his previous site (spoiler alert it was about1-2 leads per week).
  3. How many leads he is getting with his Carrot site (spoiler alert it's about3-5 leads PER DAY).
  4. How he has flipped over 50 land deals.

Luke dives in to discuss why he left his previous website and the importance of taking advantage of performance and strategy to acquire consistent leads.

We’re going to focus in on performance so you’re not leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table and closing up your leaky buckets.

Make some time in the next few days and check out this Case Study we did with Luke Harris.

- Trevor

View Luke's Case Study Here