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Do you doodle?

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The other day we sent you a sneak peak... We knew we couldn't really fool you. It isn't a new mascot! Clearly you've seen our superman guy for years.

What is it? Let me explain by sharing a short video with you. I think you'll be super impressed. We are!

One thing I'd like from you is your input. Please let us know what you'd like to see as additional options. You can post them on our"new" Facebook Community page. We'll read them and even give away some cool stuff to those who have great suggestions.

We are a passionate bunch over here at GoBig. It's in our name, so we kinda have to.
We hope you GoBig Today as well! - And, by the way, we are not just sneakily adding our name into a sentiment. We really hope you GoBIG Today in whatever you do.

Happy Hunting!
Andy Detwiler

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