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Don't lift a finger - we'll do it for you


concierge / känˈsyerZH /

Although the word "Concierge" is generally used by the hotel industry we've borrowed it for our GoBig Help Center.

It best represents what we are emphatically trying to do for you. It aligns with our5 Star commitmentto helping you. As we see it, you're spending a lot of money with us. - (Or, more specifically, you're spending it with the Post Office.) - AND, it gets scary. We get it... You want to make sure it is done right. That's where we step in.

Our Customer Service Staff is 14 super nice people anxiously wanting to help you. They are so committed to serving you that every task requested will be completed on the day it's submitted. That means we will stay late just to complete your request.Now that's commitment!

SO, we encourage you to take advantage of our Concierge Service... It's as simple as sending an email with your requests. Send your requests tohelp@gobigprinting.comand we'll jump right on it!
Some of the requests we see are:
• Uploading lists
• Splitting lists
• Cleaning lists
• Setting up campaigns
• Building Smart Templates™
• Sending “Mail Merge” Proofs
• Fixing art files
• Review and help to checkout
• Quality Control

Although, perhaps you have something else you want us to do? Just ask!
P.S. Did You Know?
  1. When you upload a list, we compare it against the USPS servers to ensure that your mail will arrive with the highest accuracy. (Free)
  2. You can choose NCOA as an optional mail confirmation during the mail process. (Free)
  3. You can email us your list and requests, and we'll prep your order and send you a proof w/in a few hours. (Free) Send it to:help@gobigprinting.com
  4. We have a ZERO error tolerance. That is why you will see up to 5 differentLIVE List and Mail Merge Proofsbefore you checkout to ensure total accuracy.

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