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"Here are the gross numbers"... Brian texted me...

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Earlier today I mentioned our clients are about to hit a big milestone.

1 million online opt in leads in 3 years.Mostly motivated house sellers, but buyers, tenants, and some other leads too. Not including phone call leads. That would likely take the total to 1.5-2 million leads in 3 years through our system.

And as I'm prepping for tomorrow's live web class (Thursday 11/30)...

... I texted one of our clients in a crazy competitive city to get an update on how he's doing since he implemented what I''m going to teach on the call tomorrow.

The text thread is pasted below... but he's crushing it.

Brian's Text Message

Is what he's doing something everyone can expect? haha, of course not.

He implemented like mad and asked tons of questions and had a bit of a budget to get going... most people hesitate too much.

But the thing I'm the most pumped about is how this has changed his life, and his family's life, and how he's inspiring tons of his own friends and family members around him to chase their own dreams.

That's what it's all about for us at Carrot.

To unleash entrepreneurs so YOU can gain that extra leverage and advantage that helps you create a more consistent, predictable, and profitable business.

Only when you build a consistent, predictable, andPROFITABLElead flow can we as entrepreneurs gain the freedom, flexibility, and finances that excite us about entrepreneurship in the first place.

So tocelebrate our clients reaching the 1 million online opt in lead milestone in 36 months...I'm hopping on a YouTube live stream tomorrow (Thursday) at 2 PM Pacific (5 PM Eastern).

Grab your seat HERE. <==

I'll walk through what we've learned along the way that the top investors on our system do...that most investors miss out on.


  • The "Profit Switch"In Online Marketing That The Top Investors Know (and use) That Most Others Ignore (or worse, are afraid of) That LetsThem Outspend Their CompetitorsAnd Pull The Rug From Their Competitors
  • How They (in many cases)More Than Doubled Their Lead Flow With NO Extra TrafficWith Simple Design And Messaging Adjustments On Their Marketing Materials And Websites (the market has shifted, has your messaging?)
  • The Exact...Kinda"Reverse Traffic"BlueprintThat The Top Carrot Deal Closers Implement And How To Streamline It With Better Tools And Systems

There are a handful of things each of the top clients we analyzed are doing... and I'll walk you through them all on this call.

Just grab your seatHERE.

Then set it on your calendar for2 PM Pacific tomorrow (Thursday)... and join me live to have a blast!

Whew! Now I've got to get back to hammering out these slides.

It's going to be a late one tonight. But I'm pumped.

- Trevor

P.S.- This call is all about celebrating the results of y'all and sharing what we've learned along the way. But honestly also about me turning a new page.

How you ask? As we gear up for 2018... we have HUGE goals here at Carrot to help our clients reach the next level. Not just income... but building businesses that fuel your life, that you're passionate about, that make an impact.

And part of that for me is growing our team at Carrot so I can focus more on content and education like I have in the past. We're 16 full time team members now to serve our clients... and that's given us the bandwidth to take our content and market leadership to the next level for you. The same way we did when we started.

Let's do this! Here's to an amazing spark to your 2018.

Just grab your seat HERE.