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here's an EXAMPLE deal we closed and made $49,744.00

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I'm going to share with you a recent deal closed and made $49,744.00 .

The property address is:7325 W Georgia Ave, Glendale Az 85303

The lead came from the "special distressed mailing list" shared with you in the training I did a couple days ago.

We signed a contract with the seller for $38,000 and put $10 of earnest money down.

We then sent it to a couple buyers using the "secret website" I shared in the web class I did the other day. You canWATCH IT HERE

We found a cash buyer in less than 24 hours that bought it from us for $88,000.

We brought both contracts to my closing agent Eileen at American Titel and instructed them to do a double escrow.

Four days later the buyer wired $88,000 plus closing costs to Eileen.

The seller, my buyer and I all signed the closing docs (not at the same time)

Then Eileenclosedthe transaction. She wired $38,000 to the seller, she wired $49,744.00to me (this is our net amount lessourclosing costs)

The buyer got a property with instant equity.

It was a win-win-win all the way around.

You can do this too, I've taught thousands of people and I can teach you too.

Just watch this web class, it will change everything for you like it did me and so many other.


God Bless,


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