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[Podcast] She Was Dead For 90 Minutes...

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Sometimes, we take life for granted.

And when we do, we unintentionally miss out on pursuing the freedom we dream of. We get comfortable with where we are and forget to live bigger, better, and more passionately.

Sometimes, we need a reminder.

Cherie Aimee, an amazing entrepreneur, died for 90 minutes and it totally changed her outlook on life. In this week's Carrotcast, she tells her story, explains what she learned from her near-death experience, and reminds all of us to keep living for more.

In her own words, "That was the moment that I said, 'If by some miracle I survive and I get out of hear... it's game on.'"


For me, this podcast was a well-timed dose of inspiration.

I hope it is for you as well.