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Weekly Harvest: A Special Announcement

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Real Estate Conversion Copywriting: How To Sell The “Click” With Your Meta Description And SEO Title

Don’t get me wrong. SEO is critical for any website’s traffic generation. But we’ve all Googled a topic, clicked a result, been disappointed by low-quality answers, and clicked off before you can say “SEO.”

In other words, page 1 is great and result 1 is amazing… but only if you continue to sell the “click.” The moment that your bounce rate rises and your time-on-page plummets are the same moment that you lose your positive ranking, meaning your passive lead generation.

Here’s how to sell the “click."

For me, my definition of financially free is to never, ever have to worry about money. Where money isn’t even a factor in any of the decisions that we’re making. That, to me, is financially free.

On this episode of the Carrot Cast, I’ve got a special guest with me. A longtime friend of mine, Jack Bosch, who is an investor. He’s flipped thousands of pieces of land. He’s an apartment building buyer and owner now. We’re going to talk about his story and we’re going to talk about what he calls the wealth wheel.