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My name is Cody Sperber (founder of CleverInvestor.com) and welcome to one of the greatest places on earth for real estate investors and enthusiasts wanting to learn how to invest in real estate. Think of Clever Investor as the Disneyland for investors...but without long lines and little kids screaming every 5 seconds! We have so many great free resources for you to enjoy and learn from like real estate investment education and courses, a sweet real estate investor community, and an investing in real estate blog packed with exclusive insider tips / niche investing advice all designed to empower you to profit from real estate in today's market.

By hanging out on this site, you are essentially tapping into one of the largest investment resources on the internet that teaches you how to invest in real estate and which real estate investment courses are the best. Whether you are a beginning real estate investor needing to learn how to invest in real estate using none of your own money or credit, or an old pro that flips houses like pancakes, you will only find the best information on this site.

Real Estate Investment Education

Since I know that no one wakes up in the morning and says "You know what, today I think I need some more information because I just can't find enough free crap on the internet", I promise to only deliver tried and true investing advice that is "tactical" in nature. I can't stand it when a so called "guru" teaches only theory so I vow to share the nitty gritty details on how to invest in real estate and how to wholesale real estate. There are many niches that an investor can focus on...wholesaling, foreclosure investing, flipping houses etc, so I will break each niche down in detail so you have the step-by-step information you have been searching for that other sites fall short of explaining.

The Evidence

Most people are impressed with the money that Cody makes in real estate. The truth is that he is WAY more proud of the families that he helps in the process.

Besides the thrill of the hunt, another driving force that keeps Cody so actively in the game is the art of the deal -- there's noting quite so exhilarating as finding creative and innovative ways to craft win/win deals that (i) solve a motivated seller's desperate "house problem", (ii) pass along an exceptional value to the next guy, and (iii) earn a tidy profit in the middle. Everyone wins!

Here's some video evidence of Cody's deals, along with some recent "Contract Signing Ritual" selfies with some very happy motivated sellers...