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Direct Mail Marketing with "Absentee" or "Vacant" Property Postcards
Our Postcards are completely personalized so that your data will automatically populate where it's supposed to. You can edit them as much as you wish. You can select paper choices, doodle graphics, font style and color.

Easy to use "online" editor!
We know that you are busy and don't have time to figure things out. Our "KISS" method (keep it simple stupid) has been the rave of such massive companies such as Clever Investor, We Buy Houses, 1800Fair Offer, Piranha Marketing, Dan Kennedy (GKIC), Dean Graziosi and dozens of other companies that feel comfortable sending their students to us.

Pricing & Why we are different
Our pricing is very competitive although we'll never try to be the cheapest. It's not our mojo. There is much more then the print price when comparing. Our "Pre-Created" products have been written by the pros so you don't have to change a thing. Although, if you want to, simply edit them the way you wish. We've taken the guess work out of it. you don't have to design it, you can simply choose the style you'd like to have.... WIth doodles, without doodles, paper color etc.....
We've created an easy to use solution that gets your order out and in the mail stream in about 1-3 days. We print on iGen 6's using four color. We aren't printing with one color on a color stock. This makes for exceptional quality and customizing.
Data lists!
If you bought a list someplace simply upload it to our system and attach it to your order. We'll run it through a real-time data check to confirm accurate delivery. If you need a list, simply click here for our Equity lists.

Absentee Equity
40% equity or greater
7 Year Ownership
3-5 bedrooms
Single Family
No Corporate owned
No Trust owned
Equity Owner Occupied
40% equity or greater
15 Year Ownership
3-5 bedrooms Single Family
No Corporate owned
No Trust owned
Owner is 65 years of age or older
Mortgage Lates
30- 60 - 90
Late on mortgage

Real Estate Investor Direct Mail Marketing
We provide handwritten marketing products for Real Estate Investors and Realtors. Our pre-created marketing material can be edited and customized to fit your specific market. It's so simple to edit. Customize it by simply typing in what you'd like it to say. Our Smart Templates™ "Auto-Populate" with your personal profile on any of our Templates.

Real Estate Professionals and Direct Marketers all over the U.S are making money fast and easy when they use our hand written Yellow Letters and Postcards. Proven to deliver the highest response on the market - up to almost 7%!

Highly endorsed by some of the best known Real Estate trainers & Direct Marketers such as Dean Graziosi, Joe Polish, Luke Jaten, Ryan Deiss, Ron LeGrand, Than Merrill, The Short Sale Kid, Mark Taylor, and more!)

Ugly Little GoBigYellow Postcards and Yellow Letters stand out in an over crowded mail box. Most people file their mail over their trash can. Our simple and direct Postcards and Yellow letters jump out at you - so before the recipient can trash it, they have to read it! That is why we built our Smart Templates™ using specific "Call to Actions" to get the recipient to "Act" on the Card and "Respond" to you!

Did you know that black and yellow is associated with things that are very important. People are trained from the time they are little to look out for it. That's why school buses, signs, warning labels etc. are black and yellow.

We print and mail 3-4 million direct mail pieces per month. Our Ugly GoBig Yellow Letters and Postcards are printed using our state of the art sophisticated system - that is why they are so cheap and inexpensive!

hey are Ugly and Yellow by design. Some of the most successful Direct Marketers in the world like Luke Jaten & Ryan Deiss to name a few use these GoBig Yellow Letters and Postcards. They even coach and train people to use them!

They are ugly - You can't miss them! They are short, direct and to the point! They are built with a "Call to Action"

They are cheap - We offer you a buyers club discount so postcards are as little as $.39ea Printed & Mailed First Class.

They are simple -
Even the guy opening his mail over the trash can can read it & "Get it" immediatley befor it's "Sorted & Filed"

They are different - Nothing sophisticated here! Make your message short & sweet and to the point! This isn't the typical pretty girl with a smile selling teeth cleaning card that raises the "BS" meter to "HIGH"

They stand out - Ugly is the new Pretty! We use a stand out yellow paper stock and black or red handwritting fonts so your customer will see your letter or postcard no matter what!

They are pre-created - Stop Guessing! We took the labor of copy writing and designing out of the picture. All you have to do is tweak any of our "Pre-Created" - "Pre-formatted" marketing material if you want. Or, leave it alone and just send it!
 No Setup fees. No hidden fees. No contracts