Frequently Asked Questions


GoBig Printing wants you to feel comfortable with everything we do. No question should go unanswered. If you have one that isn’t listed below, call or email us now and we’ll get you the answer right away.

Frequently asked questions

Can I split my mail?

YES. During the ordering process you can splt your mail and send it in intervals. i.e. Split your list of 1000 into 4. Then, mail it once per month.

Do I pay all at once if I split my mail and send it?

No. If you split your list and mail it in intervals, you only pay on the day it goes into production. i.e. Split my list of 1000 into 4. Send it once a month for 4 months. - You'd only pay on the first order, and then again on each additional month.

Why is GoBig Printing my best option for sending direct mail?

GoBig Printing has state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained technicians, an incredibly user-friendly website, and affordable prices.
We've been in business for 20+ years and have mailed over 500 Million pieces of mail.

Can we trust you with our data / customer lists?

Every account is backed behind a secure wall so there is no sharing of data. We would never share or sell your data. Furthermore it would be fraudulent and we are a 25 year old company with a strong code of ethics.

How do I know my mail was actually mailed?

Every order gets a “Seed” planted. One goes to you and one goes to us. In addition to that, we get a postal scan of every order. You are welcome to order a postal scan during the checkout process.

How do you handle data? I have my own lists.

Simply upload your “CSV” file and you will have a chance to map your headers with ours. You can store as many lists as you wish in your personal library.

We run everything through DPV - Deliver point validation. Learn More

Do you sell data?

YES. You can order from our New List Finder called " Title ToolBox" and FIND Motivated Sellers. Filter from over 70 choices for easy access. You pay for what you want. Pay as little as .02. No Minimums

I see that you work with other Real Estate Coaching Companies. How does that work?

Each coaching company has their very own material that they believe works the best. We store them online in their private account so their clients and or students can access and customize them. We call it "PRINTgenie"

How long does it take for my mail to go out?

2-3 days. 2 for Postcards, 3 for Letters.

Do you work with absentee owner lists?

We work with any type of list. All of our direct mail will automatically place the “Owners Address” in the mailing label section of the postcard or on the envelope. Also, it will place the “Property Address” on the letter or content area of the postcard. This happens without you having to do anything complicated. AND, you can move these Variable Tokens around anywhere you wish!

What is a VIP Account?

VIP accounts are discounted mail prices for those that send a minimum per month. We'll have specials on occasion. Make sure to check it out here. SEE VIP

What is a Web-To-Print Store?

If you have an Organization that needs access to your pre-created Marketing Material, then you’ve arrived at the right spot. Give your group the power to Customize Your Print & Direct Mail designs using our Smart Templates™ online via a self serving private catalog. Your users access your account by creating their own user profile. Visit PRINTgenie.io for more information.

What is a Smart Template™?

Do you have a favorite marketing piece that you’d like to be able to access & customize anytime you wish without hiring a designer or waiting for a customer service rep to answer the phone? If so, then a Smart Template™ with GoBig is the way to go!
Your Direct Mail Piece built exactly as you like it! - Then, stored online in your private account for you and only you to customize and order.

Do I have to order myself?

No. Our FREE Concierge will do anything for you. You can simply tell them what you want and they'll prepare your order. Learn more here: CONCIERGE

Need assistance?

We are here to help! Contact us at: (949) 916-3578 M-F 8-5PST

FREE Concierge: help @ GoBigPrinting.com