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For Real Estate Agents & Investors

Customize From 100's of Templates

Full Color - Full Bleed - Heavy Card Stock

Data Center "No Subscriptions" - $.02ea

Auto Mail Merge Preview

Scheduling Automation - (Don't pay all at once)

FREE Data Cleaning, NCOA & Opt Out

FREE Concierge

Edit in our Design Center - Pay only for what you order.
The Most Affordable Way to Send Direct Mail

No waiting for proofs! Customize Everything!

Find and market to home sellers with our "Done For You" marketing platform.

After 20 years and having mailed over 500,000,000 postcards, yellow letters & more, you learn a thing or two.

  1. Partner with coaches that actually know what works.

  2. Make an easy, yet customizable platform for Real Estate Investors to use 24/7 without the constraints of waiting for a proof, or limited options.

We get it! - You're to busy growing your business and "Hope" marketing isn't working for you!

Come on in... With the lowest prices in the industry and well over 500 templates to choose from, we'll empower you to effectively grow your business and get more deals without the hassle of spending anytime marketing. Let our FREE concierge do it for you!

Our first mailing of this new 2022 campaign has been absolutely FIRE!!  We are so overwhelmed with sellers that we are working around the clock!

~Jim Horn

The support is 2nd to none!

I have been mailing for years so I know when I tell you the support at Print Genie and GoBig Printing is 2nd to none. Claudia can do anything and doesn't mind helping at all.
They make you feel like you are their most important client. I can learn a lot from their customer service.
They never ever make you feel like you are bothering them with your questions. Thank you Andy and Claudia.

~Rich C.

Customize from100's of Postcards   

*Starting at $.369

handwritten postcards and letters by printgenie

Gain access to our library of Pre-Created postcards. Our Pro's have created copy and designs with call to actions that will get the phone ringing.


Simply find the one that matches your target audience and click send!

Customize everything using our simple WYSIWYG editor including Mail Merge Tags

Customize from100's of Letters

*Starting at $.56


Select from our library of yellow letters, stationery, formal and handwritten letters.


Completely customize your letters by adding and moving Mail Merge Tags in our "Easy To Use" WYSIWYG editor. 
Personalize everything including adding your own Custom Merge Tags.

There are no two alike. We've pre-written them so you can simply start from scratch, or edit ours.

handwritten letter by printgenie
Handwritten yellow letter hq by printgenie
google street view by printgenie

These versatile postcards & letters are totally customizable. You can change the mail merge variables, the paper color and the message. No two are alike.  


The Photo each Property is automatically placed on the postcard.  AND, you can preview a LIVE sample as you review your customized postcards. We'll show you each personalized mailer w/ the corresponding google photo.

Customize Google Street View Postcards & Letters 

*Starting at $.369


Ask about our FREE Concierge!

We know you are busy doing your day job...  So let us do your marketing for you!
Get a personal Virtual Assistant working for you - FREE

Popular Service Requests

• Clean and upload your lists

• Schedule mail campaigns

• Order your Data lists 

• Create and schedule campaigns

• Send reports & order history
• Edit & Customize your mailers

• Data Point Validation on lists

• Unlimited DPV List Cleaning

• Apply NCOA on all lists

• Split and Mail with Intervals -
(Don't pay all at once. Pay as mail drops)

• Send proofs

• Re-order from past campaigns

• Remove duplicates

FREE "Same Day" Concierge Service

Thank you Craig D.
It's our pleasure to serve you!
We know how hard you work... We are more than happy to help you with your marketing directives.  Just keep sending them over.
Our staff will get right on it!

Offload annoying tasks to save time.
Simply eMail our Zen desk with your request.
Send to:
Or call (949) 916-3578 M-F 8-5PST

Free Comps!

Search and find property details and comps from over 180 Million Residences.

handwritten and personalized greeting cards by printgenie

Make Your Own Mailer!

We know you want to stand out from everyone else!
Don't wait, create! See instant Mail Merge samples.
No need to wait for proofs from the mailhouse.

Most popular Features

  1. Customize From 100's of Templates

  2. Built in Motivated Seller List Finder ($.02)

  3. Auto Mail Merge Preview

  4. Scheduling Automation (pay as it drops)

  5. Pay "On-Demand"

  6. FREE Concierge

  7. FREE List Cleaning

  8. Delivery Point Validation

  9. Address Verification

  10. Duplicate removal

  11. ALL CAPS to Title Case conversion

  12. Private Print Stores For Coaches

  13. Exceptionally low mail prices

The Coaches Have Spoken

The #1 sought after Personalized Direct Mail Center for Real Estate Investors. Yellow Letters, Postcards and more for over 200,000 active users

Are you ready to GoBig!

Learn a little more....

Personalized direct mail is an effective way to connect with customers and potential customers. It is also a great way of generating leads.

There are many ways to personalize direct mail. You can customize the design, use handwritten fonts, and include variable data in your campaigns. Mail merge is one of the most popular methods which involves merging customer data with your campaign data to create personalized messages for each recipient.

The most important thing about personalized mail is that it needs to be relevant to the recipient as well as eye catching in order for you to get a response from them.

Over the last 20 years GoBig Printing has created over 50,000 templates and have mailed over 500,000 mailers. In that time we have learned a thing or two. We learned long ago that working with copywriters and designers that are professionals make all the difference in the world. The design, copy and call to actions are going to get the phone ringing. We have serviced over 100,000 agents and investors with gratitude and appreciation.


Our mission is to achieve a 5 star customer review from everyone we help. Try GoBig Printing out today and see why everyone loves our TLC. Our pricing is the least expensive on the market and 100% of every mailer is customizable. No need to wait for a proof. It's instant. If you order a google street view, we'll show you each property. Join us and allow us to serve you.

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