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National Change of Address | Data Point Validation

Exceptional Delivery Rates...

We provide NCOA and DPV checks FREE to all of our customers.

Validate your Address with USPS before you mail!

All data has bad records. Validate and check your address with USPS before you mail. Save money by not mailing to a bad address.

Quick Tip!

Export and Skip Trace bad records!

List management

We provide these services free of charge. Live data cleaning is applied to every list, every time. There is no limit to how many lists you can have in your library. In addition to NCOA and DPV, we offer:

• Removing duplicates

• List splitting

• List combining

• Applying "Title Case" to data files that are submitted as "ALL CAPS"

• Live mail merge samples on every order. You do it - Watch how all the mail data merges on every sample. Including Google Property Postcards. See how every property changes.


NCOA is the National Change of Address Database that is kept and managed by the USPS.

What does it mean to NCOA my mail?

If you select to have GoBig | Deluxe NCOA your mail, we will run your addresses against the NCOA system to identify recipients who have had a change of address and print the forwarding address on your mail.

Why would I select to NCOA my mail?

• Accuracy -By selecting to NCOA your mail it should make your mail delivery more accurate. It is important that you continually update your contacts, but NCOA makes it easy to stay in touch with those who have recently moved.

• Removal of Or Current Resident- By selecting to NCOA your mail, we can remove "or current resident" from the mailing block since we have already verified the recipient's name with the post office.

What else do I need to know?

If an address is adjusted on your mailing and forwarded to a new address, we do not update that address in your mailing list per USPS Privacy Regulations.

NCOA does not mean no returns. There are many reasons why mail is returned - so while this does improve accuracy, it does not mean that you will not receive returned pieces.


DPV stands for Delivery Point Validation. 

This is a service provided by the USPS (United States Post Service). DPV determines whether a particular address is a known or a “valid point” for mail delivery by the USPS.

DPV enables you to verify that an address truly exists … right down to a specific house number, apartment, or suite. It does not validate the name of the recipient -- only the address.

Why do I want to DPV my mailing list?
This service can help you to:
   •    Validate an address BEFORE mailing
   •    Saves on address correction or return fees
   •    Increases address quality
   •    Helps reduce undeliverable mail
   •    Improves mail delivery times
   •    Helps identify addresses that are seasonal or vacant
   •    Catches data entry errors

When do I run my mailing list through DPV?
   •    When you upload a new list the DPV service is automatically run on your list.
   •    Each time you begin a new Request the DPV service will automatically be run on all your mailing list(s) to ensure you have the most current record count for mailing.
   •    If you edit a record in a list and the record was previously tagged OK or you manually add a new address record, they will be tagged CHK and moved to the Failed list. This indicates that DPV needs to be run on the address(s) in the list. When you are working in a specific list there is a Check/Verify Addresses link above your list. Select this link to update the status of any addresses in your list(s).
Where do I view the addresses that failed DPV?
Click on the Maintenance tab. Next, select the My Contacts tab, then the blue button to the left of View or Edit Existing List(s). Your mailing list(s) now have two types of addresses, Valid and Failed. Your Failed addresses are still part of your entire mailing list but have been removed from view in the Valid list. Under the Failed Qty heading select the blue button under the quantity in RED.

Who fixes the failed addresses?
You are responsible for fixing the failed addresses.

What do the codes after each address mean?
   •    OK indicates the address is a known deliverable address to the USPS.
   •    Addr indicates the address did not pass CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certification.
   •    CHK indicates that the address was altered in some manner from the last time it was checked.
   •    DPV indicates that the USPS cannot validate that the address is a known or a valid delivery point.
   •    FTM indicates that you have forced this piece to mail.

How do I fix a "Failed" address in my List?
To correct a failed address conditions select the blue EDIT button for the address. Above the address fields there will be an error message with a brief description of what needs to be corrected.
   •    Addr or DPV:
   ◦    If the error is Addr, an message beginning with "Exxx" will give a brief description of what needs to be corrected. There could be more than one problem with the address but the verification process will only display one at a time.
   ◦    If the error type is DPV there will only be an explanation.
In either case there is a link above the error message, Check the Address with the Post Office. This link opens a separate window to the USPS address verification site. Enter the address information in to the form on the USPS site. They will provide you with the necessary information to correct the address.

When you have made the desired changes select the blue button, "Update Record" then select the "Return to Mailing List" button. Next, select the Update DPV Status link (the color could be different depending on your browser configuration) to update the status of all the records in your list. If, after correcting the address according the USPS site and rechecking the address by selecting the Update DPV Status the address still fails CASS certification, another code will be displayed above the address, inside the individual address record. You must continue the correction process until the address passes the CASS certification. When the record passes CASS the Status of the record will change either to OK or to DPV.
   •    CHK: Selecting the Update DPV Status link above your list will recheck this address.
   •    FTM This feature is only available for addresses with a DPV type error. An address with this warning means that you are disregarding any warnings regarding the deliverability of this address. This status can only be set inside the individual record. See instructions below. When the Update DPV Status is run, these records will be rechecked and if they pass DPV the status will be changed to OK, otherwise it will remain as FTM.

Can an address in my list be valid on the USPS site and still fail the DPV check?
Unfortunately, this can occur. The reason is that the USPS site is updated in real time. However, the USPS only provides updates to Deluxe Branded Marketing's solution every two weeks. Therefore, the status could have changed on the USPS site and we have not yet received the updated information.
Can I force an address to mail even though it failed DPV?
Yes. This feature is only available for addresses identified with the DPV tag. Open the individual record by selecting the blue Edit button next to the address. Below the address fields is a check box labeled "Force to Mail". Place a check in the box, then select the Update Record button. The status inside the individual record will change to CHK. These addresses will be rechecked anytime an Update DPV Status is performed. If these addresses pass the DPV check the status will change to OK. However, Deluxe Branded Marketing is not responsible for the deliverability of these addresses.

What is the difference between CASS Certification and DPV?
   •    CASS Certification - This is a process used by the USPS to determine whether an address could fall within a range of addresses. CASS helps you receive the best postal discounts.
   •    DPV – Before entering the USPS mail system DPV will establish the deliverability of each address within the mailing.For example, "8427 N. 16th Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85021" is matched to a range of addresses in the ZIP+4 database (8400-8551 N. 16th Dr) and given a return code of 31 (an exact match); you will not see any of these types of codes.
However, when the same address is processed through DPV, it is not validated because there is no physical delivery point at 8427 N. 16th Dr. This particular property happens to be a vacant lot.
Most mail processes stop after CASS Certification and according to this example the address would have passed the CASS Certification but the mailing piece would not have been delivered. Deluxe Branded Marketing's previous process for certifying addresses could only perform the CASS Certification.
If you were mailing First Class or First Class Presorted the piece would have been returned to you as undeliverable; if you had mailed the piece standard mail (bulk) it may have been discarded at the discretion of the postal carrier.


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