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Self Mailing Letters without an Envelope



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Select from hundreds of Templates
Customize On-Demand in our Direct Mail Center
Split and Mail in Intervals - Don't pay all at once.
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  • Pricing: How much are your mailers?
    Letters start at: .52 cents Postcards start at .369 cents We have a vast amount of templates in our direct mail center. There are may price breaks and products to choose from. Create a FREE account or Log in to see pricing.
  • How long does it take for my mailers to go out?
    We print and mail Postcards in 1-2 days. We print and mail Letters in 3 days. Never wait for a proof. You can order "On-Demand" in our design center and approve it yourself. OR, you can request our FREE Concierge to assist or do it for you. Postcards are always mailed First Class. They arrive in 1-4 days. Letters can be mailed First Class or Standard Mail. Standard Mail Delivery is 4-12 days. First Class Mail Delivery is 1-4 days.
  • How do I know my mail was actually mailed?
    You have a complete past, future and pending order summary in your own account. It will tell you all the details about your order. • Every order gets a “Seed” planted. • One goes to you and one goes to us. • In addition to that, we get a postal scan of every order.
  • Do you offer Data Lists?
    YES. We have integrated in with a company called Benutech. They originally sold a product called Rebo Gateway. It has now been updated and integrated into GoBig and is called Title ToolBox. Leads start at just .02 each.
  • What if I have my own list from another source?
    You can upload as many lists as you want. You'll map them and see a real-time sample to confirm.
  • How do I know my lists is uploaded and used correctly?
    We run every list through DPV. Data Point Validation. It does a LIVE - Real Time check against the USPS. We also run NCOA on every order. This is called: National Change of Address. This will confirm that if "Bob" moved from Main St. to Elm St, we'll update your records. We do not mail to Failed Addresses, although you can fix or or force them to mail if you wish.
  • Why should we trust GoBig?
    We print and mail approximately 5-6 million pieces per month and roughly process 500 orders per day. Furthermore, over 25 coaching companies currently send their students to us to print and mail.
  • What if I have my own design? What is a Smart Template™
    Do you have a favorite marketing piece that you’d like to be able to access & customize anytime you wish without hiring a designer or waiting for a customer service rep to answer the phone? If so, then a Smart Template™ with GoBig is the way to go! Your Direct Mail Piece built exactly as you like it! - Then, stored online in your private account for you and only you to customize and order. Simply email your requst to
  • I'm not computer savvy. What now?
    We have a FREE Concierge department. They'll do anything for you. Simply email them with your reqests and they'll do it SAME DAY! email them at:

How Does It Work?

We have built a easy to use Online Editor so you can take charge of what your direct Mailers say and look like. You can add, move or change the variables in each Direct Mail Template. Furthermore you can change the font, color, envelope and paper. 
You don't have to wait for a proof. 

Order what you want and schedule it to go out in intervals all at the push of a button. AND, you don't have to pay for it all at once. It will automatically charge you as they hit the mail stream!

Why Self Mailing Letters without an Envelope?

Real Estate Investors choose Self Mailing Letters when trying to find Motivated sellers. It has been discovered that writing a simple authentic, handwritten note on a yellow letter had the best response. 


However, it's very important that your mail gets past the gate-keeper. This is the person that opens the mail. Another important thing is affordability.  These beautiful hand-written or typed letters are folded twice and tabbed closed and mailed without an envelope. They are exceptionally cheap. They look like you just printed it and stuck in in a mail box. These beauties will get opened as they are personalized and look like you made only one.

Pick from dozens that look like you simply pulled them off your shelf. They're as pretty and authentic as you can get. They look like your just a neighbor sending a note to a friend.

Why GoBig?


We have hundreds of Direct Mail Templates with pre-written content by pros. You can edit it on-demand without waiting for someone to send you a proof.  You edit it the way you like. Each template can be customized on-demand. You get to decide what you want it to read or look like. Furthermore, you can see a LIVE “Mail Merge” of your piece that includes the data. You can review how the text wraps around short and long names and addresses. When your direct mail yellow letter or other pieces include variables such as the sellers name and property address, you want to make sure it looks right.

Lastly. Your data. Make sure it is clean. We print and mail 5 million pieces per month and find a lot of bad data before it goes out. We catch the bad addresses so you don't have to waste money on mail that doesn't get delivered. We run your mail through a "LIVE" DPV check against the USPS. We then CASS Certify your mail and run it through NCOA. Although we sell data like Distressed leads, we also allow you to upload your own data. In either case, we confirm that it is a legitimate address before it is mailed. AND, if that name comes back, or you get “yelled” at for mailing to someone, simply opt that record out of your list and it will be permanently removed from your data records even if you try to upload another list that has that record in it. You won’t be able to upload that record - saving you hundreds of dollars.


Print & Mail in 2 days
Online "Self Serving" site with "BUYERS CLUB" Pricing.
1. You will have to Create an Account First.
2. Try our Easy to Use "ONLINE" Editor
3. Fields such as "Name" and "Site Property" address automatically pulls from your data file

4. FREE Concierge.- We'll do anything you want. Simply email us at help @

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