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No deals? It's your fault...

Hi , if you've ever caught yourself blaming anything or anyone other than yourself for your lack of deals and growth in this business...this epic post is for you: Not getting deals? It's 100% your fault and here's why

I promise you that shifting your day-to-day actions from "busy work" to "building machines" will revolutionize your productivity and excitement in this business. In this post, I go over the common excuses I've heard from most struggling investors, and specific action steps you can take to break through to the other side. This is an important message, and I know you'll get at LEAST one gem of value from this that will last your entire career. Read, bookmark, and share this journey of a post... No excuses, it's time to take full responsibility for the outcomes of your business and life. Own it! -Team InvestorFuse

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