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Stay Authentic with our Valentine's Cards

Do you filter your mail over the trash can? If you do, you are like most of us. You can't get through it fast enough. BUT, what is it that keeps you reading for just a few seconds more? We have been the leaders in Direct Mail response for two decades. This insight into the others team playbook is what gives us the edge on getting the response you need and deserve in direct mail. We are excited to share a category we call "Seasonal Cards." Our Valentine's Day Cards help you to stay authentic! This building a relationship approach is paramount in the success of your investor business. This is how you stand out from the others targeting the same market! We have created holiday cards with a twist... Although you can use them for Valentine's Day, we suggest writing a simple little note on the back... Something like this... Dear First Name Hi, just a quick note... I’m currently looking for a house to buy in your neighborhood. I buy“As-Is” for $CASH$. Would you be interested in finding out what I’ll pay for Site Address? No Obligation or Sales pitch! You have nothing to lose! Call me! *|FNAME|* My Telephone These cards speak for themselves. They are exceptionally authentic. AND, by authentic, we mean "Looks like you made them by hand, and mailed them one at a time"

We have found that being authentic, real, and approachable is the best way to build a relationship. Happy Hunting! Reminding you to GoBig Today! Andy Detwiler | CEO, Founder GoBig Printing, INC

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