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What is an Elixir?

- It is a magical or medicinal potion.

Why do we have a product called an Elixir you ask? - Well, we know you didn't ask it - But, please allow us to spend a minute to explain to you the method behind our madness... There is no Elixir! - Thats the truth. There is no magical potion to get the most calls. That's the irony in our Elixir product. But, there is a remedy! For 18 years now we get the same question. "What is your best product?" - "What gets the most calls?" So, needless to say, we know a thing or two about Direct Mail Marketing... SO much so that we decided to wrap a product around it. What is an "Elixir"? • A series of pre-defined campaigns sent at your desired interval! • A series of compelling and response driven Direct Mail Templates that don't read like spam. { 7 Touches is the Magic Number to get an Optimum Response from your Direct Mail Campaign Want more? These authentic professionally chosen and written templates will increase your response up to 10 times. We know this sounds silly and a little simple, and by no definition are we saying we know everything. We just happen to know a thing or two about direct mail. For the last two decades we have worked with many of the worlds greatest coaches and direct marketers. These relationships have developed over time to include unique strategies for success in communication. Our “Elixir” is the best way to summarize a defined product that will generate the best response. Start Your Elixir today.... p.s. Want your own Elixir? No Prob Bob! Just ask! Happy Hunting! Andy Detwiler

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