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Find out the best way to get your Motivated Seller to Read Your Mail!

No doubt, Yellow Letters are a great way to find Motivated Sellers. However, there are more ways to communicate then a yellow letter. We suggest mixing it up. That is why we've developed a "non-salesy" approach to finding potential home sellers. Check out one of our most successful highest response rate postcard series. Today we are sharing the Valentine's Day card. It is built with the intention of building relationships. It looks like a friend or family member sent it - so it will be read. Next up - Write a short note on the back with what you' like for them to do... i.e. Call you! If you have your own list, Fantastic! Simply upload it. If you don't have a list we've got you covered! Select from over 70 filters to find whatever you want.... i.e. High Equity Absentee Owners! They start at just $.02. AND, it's just a simple click to find and add to your campaign. Not techy? No prob! We have a FREE Concierge department that will do anything for you! Contact us at: GoBig Printing is your one stop shop for Real Estate Investors. p.s. We are powered by Deluxe so you know your campaign will be a success. These cards speak for themselves. They are exceptionally authentic. AND, by authentic, we mean "Looks like you made them by hand, and mailed them one at a time"

We have found that being authentic, real, and approachable is the best way to build a relationship. Happy Hunting! GoBig Today! Andy Detwiler CEO | GoBig Printing INC.

P.S. Did You Know?

  1. When you upload a list, we compare it against the USPS servers to ensure that your mail will arrive with the highest accuracy. (Free)

  2. You can choose NCOA as an optional mail confirmation during the mail process. (Free)

  3. You can email us your list and requests, and we'll prep your order and send you a proof w/in a few hours. (Free) Send it to:

  4. We have a ZERO error tolerance. That is why you will see up to 5 different LIVE List and Mail Merge Proofs before you checkout to ensure total accuracy.

Additional Resources: Need A Website? Try GoBig List Finder: Need A List? Try GoBig List Finder: ____________________________________________ What type of list file can I upload? .CSV How to save a .CSV file in excel?

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