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How'd my kid make $90k?

I know what it must be like trying to figure out what mailer will get opened. It's hard, we get it. There is competition, expense, time and a ton of other reasons to get confused. It's Friday and I wanted to give away something of value to you that you can use in your real estate business. We want to help you. We really do. We know you're out in the trenches and trying to make a better life for yourself - the last thing you want to do is try to figure out the best marketing plan or mailer. After years of marketing we've discovered that the best thing you can do is be authentic and to build relationships. With that said, we suggest using one of our Seasonal Cards. You can see our quick video on it below. We can't promise it's going to get a 5% open rate - that'd be crazy. BUT.... Let me share a little story with you... My son is 21 and in his last year at USC. He's watched pop help 10's of thousands of investors over the last 20 years... A few months ago he asked if I'd send some mail for he and a friend. Absolutely I said! Truth is... we sent 5500 postcards. We had 20 calls. That response was so low that I won't even write it down. But, if you get simple math you'd see how discouraged he was. (me too:<) Well, guess what happened? On one of the 20 calls a man told his story of how he needed to get out of his house in a hurry. The silver lining - My son and his friend got the house for $361,000 - ARV is about $550,000 - So we paid some hard money fees & put in 65k to fix it up... - Simple math. The kid made more in one mailing then I did my first 3 years out of college. Point being - Don't over think it. Just do it. If you need help, we can assist you. We have a FREE Concierge department that will do anything for you. Just email them at If you'd like to know what he used... View the video and Subscribe and I'll share with you what we used... Happy Hunting! GoBig Today Andy Andy Detwiler | CEO | GoBig Printing, INC

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