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Are you super confused by all the distractions?

Are you chasing the shiny metal objects? Gurus will sell you the latest and greatest on a regular basis. They have to! It’s their job. They are influencers. there's nothing wrong with it, however, it can become over

helming with so many gizmo’s, apps, bells, and whistles…. I hear it all the time from our customers. "I heard texting is crushing it" or "CRM is cheaper than mail, should I do that instead?"

And then you have your friends, family, and coworkers saying, “This way! That way!” --  It’s super crazy! I have an analogy to share with you: I refer to marketing like one of my favorite places to eat: “Soup Plantation” Sure, it sounds simple by the name; they must just have soup. Nope! They’ve got pizza, salad, pasta, sandwiches, brownies, 5 types of breads, drinks, Fruit bars, ice cream bars, salad bars etc… It’s so convoluted. It caused me severe stress for years until I figured out a method. And then, my “Ah Ha” Moment!  Bring two plates!  A salad plate and a taster plate…  anyway,… I’ve gone off the rails here…  But, I learned something very valuable.  Less is More!  Sure, there may be hundreds of gizmo’s and widgets, but you may have more success by mastering just one - then maybe sprinkling in one or two others now and again. Back to my point.  Most people fall into the “Souplantation” coma and get overwhelmed with so many options… So many choices. They call it "Paralysis by Analysis" And then, you listen to every guru on the planet promise, “My way is the best way…” and, “IF YOU JUST DO THIS YOU’LL GET A FLOOD OF REFERRALS” Here is a suggestion Use your instinct. If someone with authority recommends it, don’t just jump on the train - do your due diligence and research it. Don’t take his word for it until it feels right to you. As derogatory as this may sound, we know that “Sex Sells.” But don’t be attracted to that shiny object too quick – We simply encourage you to take a little more time before you’ve established as to whether or not it’s going to really assist you in your marketing strategies. – Just because it looks cool, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. We hope that you’ll use your instinct whenever possible. If you’re annoyed by millions of emails, text messages or RVM’s (ringless voicemails) then it’s likely other people are too. Use your gut when making decisions. Does it feel right to you? To your success! Andy Detwiler Founder & CEO | GoBig Printing, INC | Learn more about my Secrets to Direct Mail strategies by getting my FREE eBook. Just click here....  


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