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Time to learn about the Hottest leads in today's Market

Good Morning!  Andy Detwiler here with another "Did you know" from GoBig Printing.

In today's competitive climate you have to continue to keep your head down and move forward. My son just graduated from USC and as a dad, I couldn't be prouder...  The biggest take-away from this experience can be summed up in two words.   Fight On. -  This is the universities motto. I think it is self-explanatory.

Every day I get questions like...   What's crushing it? What works? What do you recommend?  Simple questions that require much more than what I can say in an eMail.  SO, I've decided to simply share with you one spoke from my tool chest.

I want you to meet Tangie Cousins.  She is as crazy as I am. Crazy in the "love life" sort of way. Why Tangie?  She LOVES what she does and she's really good at.

Tangie knows Leads.... She is the only company that Company that has weekly Fresh Leads and are Farmed for Real Estate!

Please reach out to her and see if she can be the Concierge service for data that you've learned to love about GoBig Printing. It's like having the other teams playbook!

813-563-0005 Ext. 2 Office 863-698-3550 Cell

All the Leads we currently now offer and we can Customize your leads as well!

1 Foreclosures (Auctions)

2 Lis-pendens (Pre-Foreclosures)

3 Probates

4 Pre-Probates

5 Inheritances

6 Distressed Homeowners- Which consists of (Pre-nods, Credit Card lates and Seriously Delinquent Homeowners)

7 Absentee Owners (Non Owner Occupied)

8 Bankruptcies

9 Enhanced Renters (Prospective First Time Home buyers)

10 Non-Credit Mortgage File

11 Reverse Mortgage Prospects

12 Credit Card Lates

13 Evictions

14 Divorce Filings w/ Real Estate

15 Civil Cases

16 Tax Deed Sales

17 Tax Lates

18 Dismissal / Cancellation Of Lis-Pendens

19 Cash Buyers

20 Expired Listings

21 Equity Challenged Homeowners/Underwater Homeowners which means they are upside down on their mortgage

22 Real Estate Investor leads who have a portfolio of properties

23 Code Enforcement Violations

24 Performing Notes

25 Free and Clears

26 Leads by Age of Person

I've shared with you another great resource.

My intention is to learn as much as I can from our 70k users and pass it along to you.

Happy Hunting! Andy Detwiler | CEO | Founder GoBig Printing, INC


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