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Skip Tracing

Phone & Email
No Minimum requirement

Skip tracing is a dynamic and strategic method designed to pinpoint the precise phone numbers and email addresses of your potential leads.

Once you've successfully executed a skip tracing operation, you gain the power to reach out to these leads via calls, text messages or emails. Moreover, you can harness the comprehensive capabilities of PRINTgenie’s integrated marketing tools to craft and dispatch personalized Omnichannel campaigns, enhancing your outreach strategy.


Skip Tracing

No Minimums

Skip Trace


I've increased my response rate over 30% by adding text and email to my direct mail campaigns."

~ Eric Manning, Sacramento

PRINTgenie makes skip tracing real estate so easy. Simply upload your list and skiptrace a single record, or an entire list. We analyze the data to find the most accurate phone and email. We use AI and advanced algorithms to learn the owners most used phone and eMail. We’ll search our database of over 190 million addresses to find you details. If we don't find a phone or eMail associated with your file, we don't charge you.


PRINTgenie works in realtime to provide a seamless experience.

Your data is instantly available on the phone, or desktop application.


PRINTgenie verification corrects misspellings and fills in the gaps with missing components such as postal codes or suite numbers. Our address engine is linked to USPS®, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and other international datasets, plus multi-sourced dynamic data to ensure correct, complete, and deliverable addresses - forming a solid foundation for reliable identity resolution.

What can you do with the phone and eMails we find for you?

  • Include your phones & eMails on any PRINTgenie campaign

  • Export any list

  • Assign to a new text and or eMail campaign

  • Call your new leads

The Power of Data....

Now that you have phone & email, why not send an automatic multi-channel campaign to the home owner!  

Skip on the go?

Use our Mobile App To Find Them!

Simply search or stand in front of any property and we'll show you the property's details. Instantly Skip Trace and find the owners Phone & Email. Take a photo or include the Google Streetview pic and immediately send any Postcard, Letter or Multi-Touch Campaign including text and email.


Over 100,000+ touches generated by PRINTgenie per day

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