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Authentic Postcards

Direct mail automation for Real Estate Investors

Personalized Direct Mail Marketing built on proprietary Smart Templates™
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The famous Authentic Doodle Postcards! 

Our Postcards are created by GoBig Printing and content from Pros. We pre-write the postcards for real estate investors, however you can change and customize it as you wish.  They are meant to imitate an authentic personalized handwritten postcards that looks like your aunt or friend sent it. You can add doodles and variables as you wish. This personal touch is what makes it seem so real. They will get read. 


Once you create an account, you'll be able to:

• Font color
• Paper style 
• Doodles

• Customize your yellow letter or postcard.

You can Upload your own Data List: or get one from us.

Edit your postcard by simply typing in what you'd like.  
OR, use the default marketing message pre-created for you.  The style and size is already pre-defined.

Each postcard is personalized.  That means that we take the data from your customer list and place it in pre-defined locations on your postcard.  Each piece is personalized automatically by mapping your data to our Smart Templates™ - Such as described below.
i.e. Dear Mark, my name is Tristan and I'd like to buy your house at 136 East Elm st. AND, the envelope is addressed to the owners "home address."

Whereas each and every piece will be different!

Delivery Times:
Once you order, your Direct Mail will be in the mail in 1-2 days. Delivery by USPS will be determined on your Method of Delivery as stated below.

This Letters Content

Dear <First Name>
My name is <uFirst Name> 
and I would like to
your house at
<Site Address>
Please call me at
p.s. If you have any questions, just pick up the phone and call me anytime, day or night
or visit <uWebsite>


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