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Remove Contacts

Permanently remove contacts from your data library


Occasionally you may be requested to STOP sending Direct Mail to someone on your list. If you do, don't hesitate to take them off your mailing list. Not only will you be saving money on mail, you'll look like a professional - and it's the right thing to do!

We've made it super simple for you. All you have to do is submit the information below and we'll add them to your "DO NOT MAIL" list.


- It's just like an "un-subscribe" in any email provider.

*NOTE: This is permanent and cannot be undone.
• This is NOT for Undeliverables. (You can do that on your own inside the GoBig Library)
• Once a name has been added to your GoBig Unsubscribe list, it will never be able to be uploaded to your account again. 

*Please limit your daily request to under 10. More then 10 will be ignored.
If you have more, please contact our office.

Awesome! You did the right thing. This record will be removed from your GoBig data library. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 24 HOURS TO TAKE AFFECT


Once you submit the name you want removed from your GoBig Data Library, you will not have access to it any more.

If you try to upload that record in another list, it will be rejected.

Once you create an account, your profile will automatically be applied to everything your order. Our Smart Templates™ are so versatile that it knows exactly where to place everything from your logo, photo and contact information. We mail merge as many variables as you wish with zero additional charges. AND, don't worry, you can edit everything "on-demand" on your own - whenever you want!

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