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Why Yellow Letters

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Why Yellow Letters

Yellow Letters have been used by the Real Estate Investors for many years.  It's not a new concept, although it is one that works. The misconception is that they have to be yellow and stuffed into an invitation style envelope.  That is not true.

They can be printed on blue, green, white, yellow or pink and they have the same open rate when they are folded and placed into a white 6x9 envelope.  The whole element of success is that they look authentic.

These yellow letters are meant to look like they were sent by a friend or relative and they are personal and not like an advertisement.

www.GoBigYellowLetter.com has an online editing tool that allows you to completely customize your yellow letters as much as you wish.  You can change the hand writing font, the handwriting color and what the yellow letter says.  This yellow letter will automatically place the site property address or the absentee property information on the yellow letter.  The envelope will be printed with a hand writing font and automatically place the owners address information in the direct mailing block.  Your return address will be placed in a hand writing font on the front as well.  

Our GoBig Yellow Letter will automatically place your name, telephone number, email, website and other personal information on the yellow letter.  They will also be personalized to the recipient so it says things like; "Dear Mark, my name is Steve and I would like to buy your house at 123 Main St."

You don't have to have any computer skills at all.  In fact dozens of the worlds top real estate coaches and trainers send all of their students to their own private variable web-to-print store with GoBig Printing.  Companies such as Clever Investor, We Buy Houses, Flip2Freedom, 1800Fair Offer, Dean Graziosi and dozens more send their students to us for our quick turn around, easy online editor and cheap/ buyers club prices.

Yellow letters and variable print on demand postcards have been the integral part in the success in thousands of real estate investors that have used GoBigYellowLetter.com as a resource for variable direct mail.