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Market Leader Summit - Jan 9th - 10th

As we wrap up your 2018... we're crazy excited about what 2019 has in store.

And as many of you have already seen... the market is shifting. While some people won't adapt and will struggle in 2019...

... Those that have a clear strategy for this market phase will make 2019 their best year yet.

So we're hosting a 2 day live streamed online Summit next week... Jan 9th - 10th.

11+ of the top investors in the country just sharing their plans for 2019.

We'll send out the full agenda soon and we're adding more sessions later this week.

But I can tell you the Market Leader Summit will be a game changer for thousands of investors and agents and we're pumped to see you there!

Be safe tonight, have an amazing New Years, and see you in 2019!


P.S. - Can't make the summit live? The recordings are for pre-sale for only $99 after you grab your seat. Let's kick off 2019 with a bang! Market Leader Summit 2019:

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